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November 2021 Message from the President

We have been thriving and surviving our way through 2021! I can’t believe we are almost at the end of the year and a big thanks to all our 2021 board of directors, chairs and volunteers for their time and energy to continue to make us an even stronger chapter.

As I’ve been working with Kristi Casale, your 2022 president, on planning for next year we’ve been brainstorming a lot about participation and engagement. One thing we’ve landed on is the concept of identifying your why. It’s what keeps you moving forward in volunteerism and staying connected.

For me, my “why” has been, to meet new people, grow my leadership skills and give back to the industry & PCMA. For others, it may be networking and business opportunities or fun and friendships or continuous learning or leaving a better experience for the next generation.

Learn more about other volunteer’s why on our website and consider volunteering in 2022:

A big thank you to all the volunteers who have put together our Annual Celebration on November 3rd and our lead sponsors Montreal, Business Events Toronto and Vancouver for their support.

We are also working on our PCMA GMC Holiday Mixer collaboration with Association Forum/Holiday Showcase the evening of December 13th. This was the year to try to collaborate for our holiday mixer and be united in strength. For our supplier and planner members, it hopefully will provide a richer networking opportunity and to be able to experience Holiday Showcase along with designing a safer experience and minimizing travel around the city that evening.

Thanks as always for reading, watching and your support!

Molly Witges, CMP, DES
2021 GMC PCMA President
Maritz Global Events

Congrats and to all our members celebrating an anniversary this month!

5 Year

Allison Noyes
Mattie Scheeter
Hattie Hill
Selena Quiroz
Kristal Montiel
Doreen Burse
Karen Clair
Amber Gettum
Zenia Spear
Katie Murphy
Michelle O’Carroll

10 Year

Nabeel Hasany
Jenny Lynch             

15 Year

Kelly Peiffer            

20 Year:

Willie Benjamin
Dustin Arnheim
Shawna Wellman
Deidre Rodriguez
Donna Kelley

Jacky ListonNovember 2021 Message from the President