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Student Insight Series Webinar Recap

The GMC PCMA Student Committee hosted the first National Student Insight Series on August 26th. There was a fantastic turnout with over 100 students, recent grads, and industry professionals. The highly experienced panelists included Terrance Frederick, Brad Kent, Chirag Patel, Julie Smith, and Joy Womack. Phillip Ridley, the moderator, facilitated the conversation that lead to insightful tips that the attendees were able to apply to their journey in the industry.

While we are living through an uncertain time, the panelists emphasized the positives that will come out of this pandemic. The students are the future of the industry. It was discussed how they need to highlight their transferable skills and people skills while looking for any job in the industry.

The panelists concluded with the advice that they would give to their younger self as noted below. This advice is truly applicable to many of us in this industry.

Terrance Frederick: Remain consistent and network outside of the organization

Brad Kent: Don’t hesitate to fail. You are not the smartest person in the room. If the man gives you a paycheck, you owe him half a days works. That’s 12 hours.

Chirag Patel: Continue to challenge and never stop asking why.

Julie Smith: Be a better listener and figure out the politics of the organization.

Joy Womack: Advocate for yourself early in your career. Speak up for yourself.

This is the first of a multiple part National Student Series. We look forward to continue to connect with students during this time. We want them to know that PCMA is here for them!

Find the recording of this first session here.

Jena VonderhaarStudent Insight Series Webinar Recap