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Awards Committee Virtual Award

The Awards Committee would like to present a virtual award to each member, friend, and associate of GMC-PCMA for having the strength and the courage to maneuver through these unchartered waters. Although we cannot control the past, we can decide how we will progress forward.

Congratulations on your strength, resilience, perseverance, your courage and to never have lost faith in yourself and each other. Sometimes we need unexpected and tragic events to return us to our core, to make us reflect on what is truly important. Times like this invite us to consider new beginnings, changes we have wanted to make for a long time. Now may be the time to put our dreams and aspirations into reality.

We are an industry that is well versed in organizing and planning for others. It is time that we lay out a plan for ourselves. To achieve this, we need to view each day as an opportunity to improve, to be better, to get a little closer to our goals and dreams. It might sound like a lot of work, but success comes in small steps. The more we accomplish and defy these dark times, the higher we can reach. We know that some are just tired. We acknowledge that some are just exhausted, however, don’t give up.

Believe in yourself and know that there is always a silver lining. And… do not forget to laugh… a bit of humor can get us through dark moments. Be good to yourself! Let us continue to lift each other up let us be hopeful that we will come out of this stronger.

Cheers to all the winners!

Jacky ListonAwards Committee Virtual Award