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August Membership Challenge Update

Next January, PCMA Convening Leaders will be held in Nashville which is well-known as Music City.  As we look forward to that event, the Membership Committee has chosen a song of the month to highlight with each e-newsletter.

Song of the Month: “What Have You Done For Me Lately” Janet Jackson

Your fellow members have done A LOT for you!  Did you know that PCMA members are able to assist each other on an online basis 24/7?  Are you active on the PCMA Catalyst Site?  Catalyst is a secure and easy-to-use community, which allows you to carry on meaningful online conversations with your colleagues.  While there are advantages to engaging with other social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, Catalyst is designed for professionals in the meetings industry just like you. Discussions in the Catalyst communities will include relevant information for you and your career, allowing you to connect to other industry professionals. PCMA members (both planners and suppliers) in all industry segments can use the site to build relationships and network with others who share their interests, specialties or questions.  What a phenomenal resource available only to PCMA members!

Currently, we have recruited 97 new members year to date, putting us at 32% of our goal. We still need 204 new members to hit our goal of 300 by December 31, 2017. Additionally, we have secured 368 renewals year to date, which is 46% of our goal of 800 renewals by December 31, 2017.

Your Monthly Recruitment Tips:

As a PCMA member, you have access to the Catalyst Forum, an online tool that is the perfect place for knowledge exchange, content curation, idea incubation and professional networking. Access to these tools will make you an even stronger asset to your organization and build your professional toolbox.

    • The resource library includes industry best practices, sample documents, spreadsheets, pictures, videos and more
    • Search, find and connect with your peers worldwide. Search by location, interest or expertise in our member directory
    • Collaborate with your peers. Browse dynamic discussion groups enabling you to communicate with like-minded people and to grow your network of passionate people.

Help spread the word about PCMA membership by sharing the membership link here.

Thomas RaddeAugust Membership Challenge Update