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Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month


What is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month?

 Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month is a month-long celebration that recognizes the contributions of Asian American and Pacific Islanders. 

Here are ways to celebrate this month and support API Event professionals year-round.  

  1. Support #APIEventProfs 

APIEventProfs are Asian Pacific Islander (API) event professionals and allies who strive to improve API representation in the meetings and events industry.

Through education, advocacy, and allyship, we elevate and amplify API voices and create a community to ensure visibility, inclusion, and belonging.



We host monthly community chats on the last Wednesday of the month around different topics. 

Skift Meetings recently wrote an article on Asian hate and actions for the meeting and events industry. The article provides a great overview of the lack of visibility and importance of addressing these issues. As API Event professionals, we continue to have societal and workplace barriers. We continuously have to prove our value and that we belong while at the same time having to worry about Asian hate and safety.

2. Learn from the Community 

Watch a movie like the Oscar Winning Movie Everything Everywhere All a Once, read a book  or music as representation matters.

3. Celebrate the Month

There are many local events that celebrate this month through programming and festivities.  The Seattle Center offers a live stream of their event held May 6, 2023.

Raven PalmerAsian Pacific Islander Heritage Month