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Student Committee Update

April Fools was no joke for the GMC PCMA Student Committee! The Student Committee hosted two Virtual Panels on April 1, 2020. We are working hard to stay connected with the students during these uncertain times.

The first panel was with Northern Illinois University. There were 19 students on the virtual meeting. We had fellow GMC Members: Doug Dvorak, Bill Martin, Tamara Jones, Kara Patten, Haley Siegel, and Lindsay Williams as panelists. Dr. Li and her students were very engaged and interested in the current state of our industry, how this was affecting our panelists and our industry as a whole. We look forward to returning to NIU’s campus for next year’s event.

In addition, there was a panel with Loyola University on April 1, 2020. The panel took place during the Organizational Change and Community Leadership course with 20 students. Panelists Colleen Bingle, Lindsay Williams, Tamara Jones,  Rachael Riggs, and Haley Siegel shared their insight on the many facets of the Hospitality Industry. It is great to establish a relationship with Loyola University students as they don’t specifically have a Hospitality Program.


Jacky ListonStudent Committee Update