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March 2021 Message from the President

I can feel the thaw out coming so I’m recording my video outside! It is true what they say about people in the Midwest, we can make 45 degrees feel like summer.

We are approaching a year since we all met in person at the 2020 Awards Program. Although challenging in so many ways, this year has allowed us to engage with our chapter like we’ve never been able to before. So, as we continue planning through 2021, we will work to keep engaging you as a member in the delivery method that fits the event; digital, hybrid or live. You will be hearing more about our plans in digital and hybrid, so please follow us on social media, read the newsletter, and check out our website to stay up to date! Don’t miss our quarterly meeting, March 23rd

One of the things that makes GMC great is our members and community. So, I will be calling out some milestone anniversaries in my monthly communications moving forward! See the YouTube notes and summary on the website for the full list. The awards, marketing and membership engagement committees are working on some other campaigns to recognize our members which should be a lot of fun!

Stay safe and hang in there!

Molly Witges, CMP, DES
2021 GMC PCMA President
Maritz Global Events


Congrats and to all our members celebrating an anniversary this month!


Leah Skogman
Debbie Walton
Yao-chin Wang


Kim Althoff
Wendy Carranza
Cindy Parker


Leonard Hoops
Adrienne Nudo


David Almond
Jennifer Hopkins
Kelly Kerrigan

Jacky ListonMarch 2021 Message from the President