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February 2021 Message from the President

February is here, and this week officially contains Groundhog Day! Nope, it’s not just that feeling that you get every day during quarantine! I’m recording this video after an amazing afternoon meeting with our board and chairs. We discussed plans for 2021, and I tell you those do not include repeating what we normally do, because in order to Thrive and Survive this year, we’re innovating!

Here are some highlights:

  • Membership has relaunched the mentorship program; sign up today to be a mentor or mentee!
  • The Awards Celebration is traditionally in the spring, but we are going to be shifting our dates to the summer to hopefully meet as a hybrid experience. This will also give us the ability to get to know and showcase our 2020 winners leading up to the event!
  • We are also finalizing our events calendar for 2021 and having more frequent engagement points with our members. Check out our website for details!
  • Community service is working on ways we can continue to support our hospitality community, specifically our members. More to come!
  • Sponsorship is exploring new ways we can engage with our supplier community and co-create experiences. Reach out to us if you are interested!
  • Our marketing group is expanding our social media reach to keep our members connected. Can anyone say TikTok?

Have a great February, and stay safe out there!

Molly Witges, CMP, DES
2021 GMC PCMA President
Maritz Global Events

Jacky ListonFebruary 2021 Message from the President